Oil Stain (Naphtha)

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Product Description

Oil Stain (Naphtha)
Fiddes Naphtha Stains are an oil based wood dye formulated to offer exceptional penetration and strong color on all interior wood surfaces. Slower drying than conventional spirit based wood dyes, they allow a greater degree of flexibility when color matching or applying on a large surface area. They are ideal for use under Fiddes Shellac Polish and have proven to be a firm favorite with Antique Restorers and Cabinet Makers world-wide. Fiddes selection of colors/shades within the Naphtha Stain range offer total flexibility to create your own individual decorative style.

Available in a 1 liter size.

Sand the wooden substrate in stages, working with a medium sandpaper (120 grit), through to a medium/fine grade (180-220 grit). Always sand in the direction of the grain pattern where possible, ensuring the removal of any blemishes and glue residue prior to applying. Take care to remove all traces of sanding dust and test on a similar substrate to verify color/shade. Stir the contents well and always check the shade before application.

Apply in the direction of the wood grain where possible using a clean, lint free cotton cloth or sponge. Take care to remove any excess stain immediately with a separate, clean absorbent cloth, again following the direction of the grain pattern. To obtain a uniform color, always wipe evenly, blending the stain over the whole surface area by exerting a degree of pressure when applying by hand. Leave to dry, and do not sand between coats. The application of additional coats will deepen the existing color/shade.